I have long been passionate about the immersive and interactive world of performance. The way a space can be transformed, thoughts can be forgotten, revived, emotions engaged. Those involved can lose themselves, find themselves, or simply enjoy themselves.

As a focused designer, I aim to create dynamic and innovative work. With experience and skills in set design, set construction, prop making, costume and festival design, I relish diverse environments working with a variety of people.​ I love to be equally as involved in the realising process, constantly learning new materials, techniques and practical skills to utilise in any project. I have competent skills in welding, woodwork, and laser-cutting. I also can aid in the technical areas of design having computer literacy in Autocad, Illustrator, GoogleSketchup and Photoshop.


Having recently graduated from AUB, gaining First Class Honours in Costume with Performance Design, I am looking forward to engaging with new and exciting projects in the future.




07835 785382
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