As well as performance art, I also enjoy designing and creating static installations that play and work with with their surroundings. These can create more permanent art that allows the viewer no time limit to observe.

Po-na-na nightclub


December 2012

I was asked to create an interesting and current installation to frame the entrance way of the club Po-na-na for their new night The Beat.

The night is all about simply providing good, fresh beats. I wanted to create a quirky installation pointing everyone's gaze towards the music.​

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V & A


April 2012

In April 2012 I took part in a student exhibition at the V&A titled Shakespeare in a Suitcase as part of their Shakespeare's anniversary celebrations. Students had to create an installation or performance linked to Shakespeare, that had to fit within a suitcase.

In a team of three, we took inspiration from Shakespeare's constant references to the moon, creating a moving installation that played with its surroundings and different visuals. With projection shone onto a revolving moon, surrounding by exploding metal rings engraved with quotes, the whole piece folded into a weathered suitcase.

Metal lasercut engravings
Metal lasercut engravings


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